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Oracle's New SPARC Servers: Increase Your Share of Wallet

Oracle's New SPARC Servers: Increase Your Share of Wallet

What do consolidation projects, private cloud infrastructures, or new Oracle Database deployments have in common? An underlying server platform and the choice of having a significant and direct impact on the project's success metrics such as cost, performance, utilization and availability.

As the customer's technical advisor and service provider, there are several new SPARC server offerings from Oracle that, when positioned as part of your solutions or services practice, can provide a sizable advantage over your competitors while exceeding customer expectations.

Introducing the SPARC T5 and M5 Servers

The new SPARC servers from Oracle have an exceptionally strong customer value proposition, making it easier and faster to gain customer adoption. This Q & A explains why:

1. Is high-performance a requirement? Oracle’s SPARC T5 Servers are powered by the world’s fastest T5 processor, and have achieved 17 world record benchmarks, and are the highest performing single servers for database and middleware. 

2. Are you working within tight cost boundaries?The new SPARC servers deliver both impressive performance and value. For example, the SPARC T5-2 with Oracle Premier Support includes the server, Oracle Solaris operating system, two powerful virtualization technologies (i.e., Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC), complete systems management with Enterprise Manager Ops Center, and support that covers everything just listed. There are many more advantages to these systems that you can find at

Value for our Partners

Consider point No. 2 above. If you were to assemble a solution using third-party components (that is, hardware, operating systems license, virtualization technology license, systems management software license, along with support for all components), you would consume a greater proportion of the customer's budget with no gain in the overall customer success metrics.

This is great if a majority of your margins are through product resell, but counterproductive if you rely on services as a key, high-margin source of revenue.

If you are new to Oracle Solaris, SPARC servers, or Oracle virtualization and concerned about the investment required to add these technologies to your organization, we can help. We have partner enablement teams around the globe that can help you efficiently architect, sell, and implement our products and technologies. You'll get access to the same training and implementation tools that are used by Oracle's internal teams, as well as exclusive access to our intensive, technical boot camps.

For more information on how Oracle systems can be used to increase your share-of-wallet, contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.


John Shell (Twitter: @iamshellman) is senior director, server & storage partner enablement, Oracle Corp. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship program.

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