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Oracle: Partners Find Expanded Opportunities Through OPN

Oracle is a name long recognized as a leader in the enterprise software and hardware space. And much of its success lies squarely on the shoulders of its partners, whom the company relies on to help it reach new markets and new customers. In turn, Oracle’s partners have access to one of the most comprehensive partner programs in the industry: the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

“OPN is the framework for partners to engage with Oracle,” said Lydia Smyers, VP of worldwide alliances and channels at Oracle. “It’s designed specifically for our partners, and we’ve been told that our partners value the OPN Resources that offer support through the entire sales cycle.”

Smyers offers deeper insights in this FastChat Video:

Indeed, partners participating in OPN have access to marketing, pre-sales, sales and implementation resources, providing a comprehensive resource for both homegrown and acquired technologies. Case in point: Following its acquisition in 2010 of Exastack, Oracle integrated the technology into OPN and in January 2011 unveiled an OPN Incentive Program designed to motivate VARs and value-added distributors to sell specific Oracle solutions including Exastack.

Oracle is continually improving OPN to help partners get the most out of the program, she said.

“We understand our partners have multiple vendors to choose from and so we focus on making it a no-brainer to lead with Oracle,” she said.

Today, OPN counts more than 20,000 partners among its ranks, including more than 1,000 specialized partners – a testament to the program’s inclusiveness and strength.

“Our partners are winning because of what Oracle and OPN offers,” Smyers said.

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