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No Opportunity Left Behind

No Opportunity Left Behind

One constant challenge to solution providers immersed in today’s rapidly shifting IT landscape, where innovation and convergence continuously crash together, is remaining relevant to customers.

Gone are the days where an IT shop might specialize in only one corner of the industry. Today’s MSPs and solution providers are challenged daily to stay ahead of the technologies that can improve their customers’ business. That expertise must span across technologies, and sometimes must spill outside the traditional realm of solution providers.

Such is the case with cloud computing and telecom carriers. In years past, an MSP might know who their customer’s carrier was, but rarely did the two find themselves occupying the same space. Today, all of that is changing. As telecom agents feel the same squeeze as VARs once did, with competition breathing down their necks, they’ve started to consider how they can turn their small piece of the pie into something more concrete and more lucrative.

MSPs need to play closer attention to their local telecom agents and weigh the options to partner with an agent, manage your customer’s carrier relationships yourself or find a business partner who can help you do both. MSPs overlooking this opportunity are likely leaving money on the table, but more importantly, they are opening the door to increased competition.

Successful MSP businesses are built on managing as many pieces of the customer’s pie as possible, and that means the carrier relationship as well. If you’re not ready to do it on your own, partnering is another option that allows you to offer deep expertise without investing in training and staffing around telecom.

It’s not a decision you’re going to make overnight, but adding carrier services to your portfolio is a move you can’t ignore. Cloud and telecom are inextricably linked. To remain a true trusted adviser, MSPs and CSPs must cover everything that connects to the network and that includes mobile devices, cloud and telecom services.

Renee Bergeron is Vice President, Managed Services & Cloud Computing at Ingram Micro. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly, and are part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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