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The New vCloud Hybrid Service - Bolstering VMware’s Cloud Strategy

The New vCloud Hybrid Service - Bolstering VMware’s Cloud Strategy

VMware has become an infrastructure that 500,000 customers increasingly rely upon for their private cloud environments. But what if it were possible to seamlessly extend that same private infrastructure to the public cloud?  With VMware’s recently launched vCloud Hybrid Service, it’s not a possibility—it’s reality.

By providing a common platform that spans private and public cloud, the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service enables organizations to dynamically scale their IT infrastructure without changing the way it is run. Imagine being able to write, deploy and manage applications in the cloud the same way it is done on premise. You can provide this to your customers as a VMware partner offering vCloud Hybrid Service. What’s more, from pricing to billing to services, you will own your customer relationship.

vCloud Hybrid Service delivers the security, reliability and performance customers need from a hybrid cloud platform. No matter what applications customers are running, VMware vCloud Hybrid Service can provide the customer with the fastest path to cloud.

Watch the following video to learn more about vCloud Hybrid Service:

As the genesis of the VMware cloud strategy, our VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), which is comprised of 11,000+ service providers and representing more than 162 countries globally, is one of the driving forces delivering on the VMware cloud vision. Further, we have more than 250 VSPP vCloud Service Providers delivering vCloud services, which enable enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility to move workloads among private, public and hybrid clouds.

Now, with vCloud Hybrid Service, our vCloud Service Provider partners will soon be able to leverage the same technologies VMware offers customers with vCloud Hybrid Service. For VSPP members, this means VMware is reinforcing our commitment to the service provider ecosystem. To learn more about the VMware Service Provider ecosystem, please visit For partners interested in learning how to become a VSPP partner, visit

For our partners who have customers looking to take their first step toward a hybrid cloud environment but may not have their own data center, you can sell VMware Cloud Credits and remain their trusted adviser with the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program.

VMware Cloud Credits provide an easy on-ramp to the cloud, enabling customers to maintain control and visibility of cloud spend through their My VMware account. They also enable budget flexibility for public and hybrid cloud spend by allowing pre-payment and future redemption for cloud services as business demand dictates. In addition, VMware Cloud Credits ensure control over cloud spend with redemption limited to validated and approved VMware vCloud Service Providers running the same trusted VMware technology off-premise customers are running in their on-premise VMware environments.

With Cloud Credits, you can:

  • Make upfront revenue selling public and hybrid cloud – the best lead you can get
  • Increase your deal margin and grow your overall cloud business with additional products and value-added cloud services
  • Earn Premier Rewards and enroll in the VMware Cloud Credits MDF Program
  • Enhance your cloud solutions portfolio and strengthen your strategic value by recommending both public and hybrid cloud solutions to address your customers’ specific business issues
  • Build a cloud practice by partnering with VMware vCloud Service Providers


VMware gives our partner community multiple ways to take advantage of the increasing adoption of cloud computing. By meeting certain criteria as a VMware partner, you have the option of becoming a reseller of vCloud Hybrid Service as well as the ability to sell Cloud Credits. Solution providers can also partner with service providers or consider joining the VMware Service Provider Program. No matter which way you go, we have an avenue for you to grow your cloud business.

Geoffrey Waters is senior director, Cloud Service Provider Programs, at VMware. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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