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MSPs, You're Paying Too Much for Bare-Metal Backup

MSPs, You're Paying Too Much for Bare-Metal Backup

Let’s face it: As an MSP, you want to increase your margins. One place where there is a huge opportunity to grow revenue and provide more value to customers is within the cloud backup market--especially as more customers have more data and more computers, from PCs to Macs to servers. It all needs to be protected, and if you have clients requiring bare-metal recovery, you are reading the right blog.

Now, let’s talk bare-metal backup and how to increase your MSP backup margins.

At IDrive, we saw the need for a local, to-cloud bare-metal restore backup solution, and so we introduced IDrive Vault (Bare Metal Recovery with file-level restore).

Our IDrive Vault with Bare Metal Recovery is an affordable solution, especially when compared to others in the market. It offers a host of features, along with included Cloud Backup space. This enables MSPs  to create a copy of their customers' entire hard drives--including the operating system (OS) and the system state and application configurations--and push that to the cloud for another layer of protection. IDrive also provides multi-device backup, allowing users to back up as many computers as they want--from PCs to Macs to servers--into one IDrive account for one low cost.

Vault (BMR) allows customers to backup and recover their entire system after a disaster with features including:

  • Advanced block-level de-duplication and compression for maximized storage capabilities
  • The ability to back up multiple partitions or whole hard drives, creating recovery points for your entire system
  • Bare-metal Restore, which uses snapshot-based image restore for point-in-time recovery
  • Machines are auto-detected by the server once the agent is installed, with no other configuration necessary on the client side
  • The ability to remotely monitor backup status and activities through a centralized web console
  • The ability to restore data from the server to your machine using nothing more than a pre-configured boot CD or USB drive
  • The ability to restore backed-up data to multiple computers simultaneously

We’ve provided an affordable BMR solution for MSPs to help grow their business as well as their bottom line. Orders are coming in fast and steady for IDrive Vault (BMR), so get yours today and rest easy knowing you can avoid business-threatening downtime for your customers with a comprehensive on-site backup solution. IDrive Vault (BMR) starts at 6TB and comes with 6TB of cloud backup included.   

Matthew Harvey, IDrive Senior Business Development Manager, has more than 10 years of Cloud Storage Marketing, PR and Business Development experience. Matthew leads IDrive's efforts in channel marketing, partnerships, M&A activities, digital advertising, digital promotions and communications. 

Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship.


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