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MDM: Balancing Customer Privacy and Smartphone, Tablet Management

MDM: Balancing Customer Privacy and Smartphone, Tablet Management

When it comes to mobile device management (MDM), managed services providers are trying to maintain a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, MSPs want to proactively manage smartphones and tablets -- protecting data and keeping users productive. On the other hand, customers want to ensure MSPs are not prying into email, confidential documents and other content that flows across mobile devices. In an MSPmentor FastChat interview, Tony Thomas, director of product management at LabTech Software, describes how to strike that balance.

LabTech introduced MDM capabilities for its RMM (remote monitoring and management) software earlier this year. But MDM is more than a software play for LabTech. The company has researched customer needs, and is now educating MSPs on the art of selling and supporting the MDM vision. Thomas provides some details in this FastChat Video:

"MSPs want enablement on MDM," said Thomas. "They want a business-oriented elevator pitch to sell MDM to customers. The second part is features and functions. That equals an easier conversation and better managed services."

On the customer privacy front, Thomas described how MSPs need to take a service-oriented MDM approach -- 24x7 -- without prying into customers' private information. "It's a service vs. spy discussion," said Thomas, and it's a key step toward explaining the value of your managed services without crossing the line into Big Brother territory.

This is the first of a multi-part MDM conversation with LabTech's management team. During the recent IT Nation 2012 conference, MDM discussions dominated many attendee discussions and LabTech fielded numerous questions in the exhibit hall. MSPmentor will share more of those anecdotes and observations in the days ahead.



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