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It’s Time to Tap into the Cloud Data Protection Market Opportunity

It’s Time to Tap into the Cloud Data Protection Market Opportunity

Until now, most businesses did not have the access or resources to implement more complete data protection, including advanced backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share. In fact, a recent study from research firm IDC found that 70% of SMBs have insufficient disaster recovery protection today.  At the same time, a recent Spiceworks survey reported that cloud backup and recovery is the top cloud service that IT Pros plan to start using in the next six months.

The good news is that companies today have more options for data protection than ever before. The cloud makes enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solutions accessible and affordable for SMBs--and this translates into a massive market opportunity for service providers.

At Acronis, we believe that service providers are uniquely positioned to tap into the cloud to bring best-in-class data protection services to their customers.

We all know that service providers are experts at providing IT services, including administration, maintenance and customer support. They’ve opened up the door to cloud computing for businesses of all sizes, especially for SMBs.

But, service providers do much more than provide cloud solutions, servers and storage. For example, service providers are constantly improving upon the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the solutions they deliver, including integrating different services into completely transparent and uniform services for their customers.

Service providers also look for opportunities to continuously enhance their offerings to provide end customers with the best possible solutions--now and in the future. Finally, service providers are the best cost managers in the business--they know how to scale solutions and make them easier to buy and deploy for end users. This relentless focus on cost-effectiveness benefits both their businesses with higher margins and their end customers with better value at a lower cost.

This is why Acronis delivers a complete set of cloud data protection solutions for service providers. We know service providers, and we know what it takes to make them successful.  And there is a huge and unmet market need for easy, complete and affordable data protection for small and midsize businesses. 

The bottom line: Now’s the ideal time to check out how you can grow your business with the latest solutions in cloud data protection, leveraging highly flexible go-to-market models and support for the broadest range of service provider workloads. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Acronis can help you quickly tap into the growing market for cloud data protection services, you'll find more information about our solutions here.

Jeff Stiles is Chief Marketing Officer, Acronis. Jeff joined Acronis in 2014 to lead marketing and communications globally across segments and channels. He manages the Acronis brand and perception, corporate, product and field marketing, demand generation, as well as influencer/analyst and media relations. Jeff has nearly 30 years of experience leading high-performing teams in software development, sales, corporate / product strategy, marketing and communications for companies such as Cognos, PeopleSoft and SAP. He joined Acronis from Accela Software, where he also headed marketing and communications as the company doubled revenues, secured $40 million in Series D financing, and acquired and assimilated four companies during his tenure. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship.

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