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Intronis Launches Cloud Storage Upgrade for MSPs, VARs

The fall season is almost upon us, and as the air gains a morning chill and trees start to shed their leaves, Intronis is gearing up for its annual Fall release -- a major cloud storage upgrade designed for MSPs and VARs. Ted Roller, VP of channel development at Intronis, describes the strategy in a FastChat Video.

“Intronis is first and foremost a channel company … and part of our commitment to the channel is something we call MPG, which is manhours per gig,” said Roller. “What that means is we are constantly striving from a development perspective -- and really everywhere else in the company also -- to lower the amount of time MSPs have to spend managing their backup, which we believe is going to increase the amount of time they spend focusing on other aspects of their business like sales and marketing, which is what drives revenue.”

Roller provides deeper insights in this video:

And it is with the channel in mind that Intronis updated its cloud backup and recovery offering to include features that make it easier for companies to manage multiple clients and multiple machines.

“First and foremost … we’ve set up the ability now with notifications such that you can get notified on a group of computers as opposed to an individual computer, which can be hugely advantageous if you’re managing by company or by group or by department,” Roller said. “In addition to that we’ve given you the ability to set up preferences in groups as well, so you can set up templates to deploy backup sets to an entire group of users as opposed to an individual computer, which means you can do it department by department at your customer site as opposed to individual by individual.”

The third major update – and one that Roller believes will have a huge impact on its MSP customers – is integration with Autotask’s IT business management software platform. “For those partners out there who are using Autotask they know the integration is going to give them the ability to more effectively report to their customers on a monthly and quarterly basis more effectively and [efficiently] -- they’re just going to spend a whole lot less time working in multiple platforms and more time working in a single platform.”

The Fall release is slated to be available Sept. 13, 2011, and MSPs can learn more about the offering by talking with Intronis at any number of trade events the company is slated to attend, including the ASCII, ConnectWise and MSPWorld events. Alternatively, he said, interested customers can log on to the Intronis website to learn more.

“We are all pretty excited about it, watching the sales folks go through … the Fall release and understanding the value,” Roller said. “It’s going to be a pretty exciting time at Intronis.”

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