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Imation RDX: Storage Without the Infrastructure

If there ever was a “sure thing” in technology, storage is it. Everyone needs it, and the more data a company creates, the more storage it needs. And while the cloud is good for storage of large data sets, sometimes a company needs storage that is portable and instantly accessible.

Enter Imation and its RDX line of removable hard disk storage. Comprised of a 2 1/2-inch hard disk drive enclosed in a ruggedized, shock-resistant case, the RDX comes in capacities ranging from 320GB to 1.5TB, making it a true business-class solution for data backup, archive and transport, said Tim Warrick, regional product manager for Storage, Americas Commercial at Imation.

“It’s much like tape, although we feel more reliable, and it offers the best benefits of disk, such as random access performance,” he said. “Plus it can scale with customers’ needs.”

Such scalability is good for companies, especially small businesses that don’t want to invest a lot in their infrastructure but need to address growing storage needs. “As a small business grows, so does typically the storage needs. We add more capacity for those needs without the business owner investing in new hardware infrastructure," Warrick said.

Imation sees two niche markets for the RDX technology: SMBs and larger companies looking for an easy way to archive data.

“For IT professionals, what’s interesting to them is that RDX is removable technology with options for offsite secure storage and data replication along with cloud seeding and recovery, which is a hot topic in today’s market,” Warrick said.

Imation is hoping its RDX technology resonates well in the channel also, putting the call out for interested resellers and solution providers to jump on board with the company. “In the last few years we have launched a portfolio of new products that incorporate RDX as a foundation which gives our partners multiple options in selling their customers solutions that meet their storage needs,” Warrick noted. “A solution could be as small as a dock and cartridge or even more robust with solutions like Dataguard that offer multiple data-level protection or InfiniVault that is used for active archiving. And Imation will continue to leverage and use RDX as a foundation for technology as we go forward.”

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