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How to Upgrade Your Customers to Next Gen Security Services

How to Upgrade Your Customers to Next Gen Security Services

IT infrastructure purchases have been synonymous with large capital expenditures or costly finance arrangements for as long as the IT industry has existed. From servers to firewalls, upfront investment or lengthy finance arrangements are the norm. While the rise of Managed Services has driven a shift toward utility-type/subscription models for software or SaaS powered solutions, hardware based services have lagged behind.

It has become increasingly challenging for many organizations to get access to the sophisticated security technology they increasingly require as both predictable and unpredictable CAPEX investments fall under higher levels of scrutiny.

Protecting against today’s threats with yesterday’s security?

Leaving legacy technology in place poses a threat in itself. Aging infrastructure doesn’t keep pace with the threat landscape, regulatory changes or business requirements.  MSPs recognize that, for security technology, this is a greater challenge for organizations than ever.

About 86% of Managed Service Providers already monetize endpoint security services, according to the MSPmentor 501 research results released in February 2014. And yet those MSPs may be overlooking the promise of expanded services they can deliver via security appliances. MSPmentor estimates that fewer than 20 percent of MSPs deliver Managed Security Services using appliance based solutions, most likely due to the upfront investment required.

McAfee’s introduces a new MSP pay-as-you-go program

McAfee is addressing this disconnect with an MSP program that offers a pay-as-you-go model for hardware-based and virtualized security appliances. MSPs can now deploy McAfee's industry-leading Security Connected solutions for next-generation firewall, SIEM, IPS and ATD (Advanced Threat Defense) at dramatically lower upfront costs and consistent monthly payments.

McAfee shares the risk and substantially lowers the upfront investment required in delivering a much broader range of Managed Security Services. 

Looking for more? Check out our blog here at MSPmentor in the months ahead for more details about some of the new offerings in McAfee’s Security Connected solutions portfolio for MSPs. And visit our website at or send email to [email protected] for more information. Read more about McAfee Managed Services at

Richard Bowman is the Senior Director of Managed Services and SaaS at McAfee. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual platinum sponsorship.

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