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How To Generate More Qualified Leads

How To Generate More Qualified Leads

As you probably already know, leads mean sales. Generating those leads is an important part of the IT sales cycle. Lead generation identifies prospects that are interested and have the potential to buy, makes the sale process more efficient with detailed lead information and keeps your company top-of-mind as you progress toward a sale.

How Can You Generate More Qualified Leads?

It sounds simple—reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. There are many different approaches to this that may work, but below are some tried and true tips.

Tip No. 1: Try content marketing

Offering premium content such as whitepapers, case studies, checklists, etc., can increase the likelihood of a potential lead providing his or her contact information. Use content that balances what your prospects want to know and what you want to tell them. For instance, business owners might want to know how to keep their data secure, while you want to tell them about cloud backup solutions. A whitepaper on the security of cloud backup can help you create that balance.

Tip No. 2: Create targeted email campaigns

Establishing a cadence of messaging throughout the sales cycle can give your leads valuable information while keeping them engaged with your business. Consider sending an email stream that offers a few pieces of valuable content to make this an even more powerful tactic. If you can purchase or generate a list of prospects within a certain industry, you can even target your content offerings to be more relevant and speak to their specific challenges.

Tip No. 3: Keep your website fresh and optimized for SEO

Make sure your potential customers have access to accurate product information and quality content—and that they can find it easily while searching the Web. The most qualified leads are the ones that search you out. So make it as easy as possible for them to find you and contact you. 

Tip No. 4: Partner with companies that help you to generate leads

Many of the leading IT vendors support their partners with lead generation tools designed around their products. These tools make it easy to reach prospective customers with pre-approved content and pre-packaged campaigns. Carbonite is a prime example. Carbonite knows that connecting with prospects and ensuring they have the latest information on the powerful, automatic and secure cloud backup solutions from Carbonite is key to generating more qualified leads—and driving revenue.

That’s why Carbonite created the Carbonite Marketing Showcase, powered by SharedVue. The Carbonite Marketing Showcase is an online resource that gives Carbonite Partners access to pre-packaged, ready-to-execute email campaigns including downloadable whitepapers, event invitations and other content promoting Carbonite. Plus, you can use the showcase to feature Carbonite content right on your own website. So your prospects can easily see that you offer the data solutions they need.

Once you’ve generated these qualified leads, you can turn them into customers by protecting their data with Carbonite. You can even bundle Carbonite with other products and services you offer to create long-lasting customer relationships and drive more revenue.

Learn More about Carbonite’s Lead Generation Tools

To learn more about the free lead generation tools that allow Carbonite Partners to promote Carbonite products, join a free webinar on Jan. 13. A Carbonite representative will walk you through the Carbonite Marketing Showcase and show you how easy it is to automate Carbonite content updates to your website and execute targeted, customizable email campaigns that can help generate and grow your relationships. If you’re not already a Carbonite Partner, join today!

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