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How to Drive Demand and Generate Leads Effectively and Cost-Efficiently

How to Drive Demand and Generate Leads Effectively and Cost-Efficiently

A few months back, I shared some interesting marketing research outcomes in a post titled, “The Need for Digital Marketing in the B-to-B Buying Landscape.” The study found that few marketers receive formal marketing training relevant to today’s dramatically changing industry. “Over 75 percent of polled clients claimed to have honed their marketing skills on the premise of trial and error.” (Source: SiriusDecisions, "Marketing as a Strategic Tool to Drive Sales") 

We also do our own informal “research” by frequently engaging with partners, and we heard consistently from partners that when they engage with vendors, they would like “one place to go for all things marketing.” They also told us they wanted “more flexibility to customize campaigns to support their ability to differentiate from other partners,” and they wanted “flexibility to execute from their own system.” 

Taking both the formal market research and our own findings into account, we launched the VMware Partner Demand Center to support partners with limited resources, and perhaps minimal training or marketing experience, while also adding value for our more sophisticated partner marketers. The Partner Demand Center provides one-stop access to integrated, customizable and easy-to-deploy marketing campaigns with the flexibility partners need to generate leads and grow their business.

Free of charge, the Partner Demand Center enables partners to:

  • Customize campaigns or simply upload their logo and mailing list to start generating leads
  • Download individual campaign assets or all campaign assets, including HTML files in a .zip file, simply and quickly
  • Execute campaigns on the Demand Center or from their own marketing automation system.

Through the Partner Demand Center, we are developing a holistic way to help our partners drive demand around VMware products by creating integrated, customizable marketing campaigns to generate leads that build pipeline and ultimately drive revenue.

VMware partners can select from an expanding spectrum of campaign languages, including English, Czech, German, Danish, Iberian Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean and Finnish.

Direct Marketing and Lead Management are the first two modules available in the Demand Center. In the new year ahead, we will continue to deliver value and innovative ways to go-to-market through the deployment of additional integrated marketing modules including Social Media Syndication, Online Advertising and more. Learn about the Demand Center campaigns by watching a short video.

VMware partners have access to one of the most comprehensive marketing Web platforms in the industry. Access to the platform is free to partners in the VMware Partner Network, and enables them to start downloading the integrated, customizable and easy-to-deploy campaigns right away. Learn how to become a VMware partner today. VMware partners can register for access to the Demand Center, customize their campaigns and start generating leads.

Let’s go to market together.

Best Regards,

Chandra DuFrene

Chandra DuFrene is Senior Director, Global Channel Marketing, VMware. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship.

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