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How to Choose a Backup and Replication Vendor

How to Choose a Backup and Replication Vendor

As a hosting, managed service or cloud provider, you have a lot of decisions to make when selecting your vendor. Determining what your needs are and then finding a vendor that can provide everything you need or could ever want can be an intimidating process.  Your success and profitability relies on their services and support to you. So ask yourself, does your vendor feel like a stakeholder in your business?

Gene Pavliscsak a technology specialist from professional services automation vendor ConnectWise, walked us through his process and decision making for choosing his vendor. Here’s some of what he said.

Know What's Important

“First and foremost, you must know what is important to you and your end users”, said Pavliscsak.  Once established, you can begin communicating with the sales reps inside the organizations you are researching.  How easy and transparent are they about presenting the information that is important to you?

Test, Test, Test

And then test the product to see how it works for you.  ConnectWise tested the Veeam Cloud Provider program (VCP).  “The process was seamless and easy” Pavliscsak said, allowing him to make his decision very quickly.  Channel support, a good distribution channel, flexible billing and licensing, effective marketing tools and the ease of use of the software for him and his employees were some of the many factors in his decision to partner with Veeam.

Are Your Customers Happy?

How happy your vendor will make your end users is equally as important.  For example, Pavliscsak found that Veeam made the billing process flexible and efficient with its VCP program and the “Pay for Use” option.  “We are able to control our costs, and that allows us to better control our billings to our customers.  So that makes us happy and it makes our customers very happy”. Gene also needed to find a vendor that offered different types of solutions for different virtualization platforms so that he could meet the demands and needs for all of his end users.

Partners In Success

So when partnering with a vendor, ensure your success is their mission.  Know what is important to you and then find someone who will make that as equally important to them.  Be sure they want to be partners in your success.

ConnectWise partnered with Veeam Software and their VCP program in March of 2012.

To learn more about Connectwise, click here.

To learn more about Veeam’s Cloud Provider Program, click here

Carrie Webb is an internet marketing specialist at Veeam. 

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