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The Golden Opportunity for MSPs: Growth of Ransomware

The Golden Opportunity for MSPs: Growth of Ransomware

With ransomware on the rise and with the recent WannaCry attack worldwide, MSPs have a real opportunity to not only protect their customers' data, but also gain profit while increasing their margins by offering cloud backup--the best defense against ransomware.

The Growing Threat

According to an FBI tally, ransomware attacks cost their victims a total of $209 million in the first three months of 2016, a stunning surge upward from $24 million in all of 2015.

The Golden Opportunity

Organizations, especially SMBs, often don’t take backup seriously, relying on older, outdated solutions that don’t offer modern functionality and that can be time-consuming and tough to manage. Thankfully, MSPs understand the importance of backup, and can pass along the critical nature of the technology to customers while showing them the true downside of not having a backup strategy.

With ransomware being a popular topic and a widespread concern, this leaves open the door for MSPs to sell their cloud backup solutions into the SMB market, thus creating the perfect scenario and golden opportunity.  

Having the Right Backup Tools

With the growth of ransomware, and many SMBs looking to MSPs for backup help, MSPs need to ensure they have the right cloud backup solutions in place--to protect their customers data, but also increase margins.

At IDrive, we’ve introduced IDrive Vault (Bare Metal Recovery with file-level restore), an MSP-friendly on-premise and cloud backup solution that is 50% to 75% of the cost of other bare-metal solutions in the market. IDrive Vault enables MSPs to create a copy of their customers' entire hard drives--including the operating system (OS) and the system state and application configurations--and push that to the cloud for another layer of protection.

IDrive Vault (Bare Metal Recovery with file-level restore) offers snapshots, a robust backup solution allowing MSPs to restore a copy of data prior to infection. IDrive also provides multi-device backup, allowing users to back up as many computers as they want--from PCs to Macs to servers--into one IDrive account for one low cost. IDrive Vault (BMR) starts at 6TB and comes with 6TB of cloud backup included.

Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to help protect your customers' data against ransomware, and fuel the growth of your MSP business.  

Matthew Harvey, IDrive Senior Business Development Manager, has more than 10 years of Cloud Storage Marketing, PR and Business Development experience. Matthew leads IDrive's efforts in channel marketing, partnerships, M&A activities, digital advertising, digital promotions and communications. 

Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship.

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