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Converged IT Brings New Revenue

Converged IT Brings New Revenue

With IT moving toward a converged architecture, the lines between hardware and software are blurring. Increasingly, CIOs, IT directors and IT architects are seeing the advantages of integrated hardware and software as their preferred computing platform to simplify IT and lower cost. The trend of converged IT inevitably has changed the business landscape and opportunities for the VARs.

To meet demands, many resellers are transforming their businesses from the traditional hardware or software resale model to the solution resale model to maximize existing account penetration, deepen customer relationships and build new revenue streams. These solution resellers offer a complementary suite of products and services, often from the same vendor, to help customers drive IT standardization and optimize the computing environment.

In the past decade, Oracle has been building its integrated technology stack through innovation and acquisitions. Today we have products covering every single layer of the technology stack, from applications to middleware and database all the way down to servers and storage. This best-of-breed hardware and software integrated to work together is opening up a whole new world of opportunity for VARs to upsell and cross-sell different products and build revenue growth.

Oracle also rewards its VARs through its OPN Incentive Program, from registering opportunities to selling strategic hardware products. The program recently added a new rebate for VARs who are selling “Oracle on Oracle” solutions. This rebate stems from wanting to empower VARs to drive sales of converged architecture, build a bigger opportunity and maximize profit.

Converged IT has challenged many VARs to rethink their business models. If you are an Oracle VAR, you can overcome this challenge by tapping into the Oracle integrated stack to create unique offerings that generate new revenue streams with existing customers. Be sure to check out the OPN Incentive Program as you are building out your strategy so that you can gain the maximum reward for your sales effort. If you are not yet an Oracle partner, we invite you to learn more about the Oracle integrated stack offerings and the benefits of becoming an Oracle partner. The convergence of IT is already taking place. Visit us at the Oracle PartnerNetwork portal today.

Jeff Barteld is senior director of Channel Strategy and Operations at Oracle. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy’s annual sponsorship. Read all of Oracle’s guest blogs here.

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