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Channel Partner Uses Cloud Backup to Rescue Client from Ransomware Attack

Channel Partner Uses Cloud Backup to Rescue Client from Ransomware Attack

When you’re an IT services and solutions provider, there’s no better way to look like a hero than to save someone’s digital life. Just ask Lane & Hicks Computer Consulting, a Carbonite Partner that rescued a client’s critical business files following a nasty ransomware attack.

It all started one day when a man working for one of Lane & Hicks’ small-business clients got hit with a CTB Locker infection. Like all forms of ransomware, CTB Locker is a computer virus created by criminals that encrypts digital files and threatens to render them useless unless a hefty ransom is paid. Other well-known ransomware viruses include CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TorrentLocker--the list goes on.

Lane & Hicks was alerted to the ransomware attack and immediately raced into action. The resourceful IT partner saved the day by deleting all of the infected files and restoring clean versions from the Carbonite backup.

“The user got all of the files on his company’s server encrypted and all the ones on his computer encrypted,” said Chris Edmonson, a Tier One Helpdesk Engineer at Lane & Hicks. “We basically just had to go into the latest Carbonite backup and dump everything back into the server.”

Lane & Hicks: A One-Stop IT Shop

Lane & Hicks is made up of a team of highly talented network engineers who have been providing central Kentucky with top-notch network support and computer repair services since 2005. Lane & Hicks’ business clients reap the benefits of a fully staffed IT team without having to add a single employee.

Lane & Hicks provides its clients with hardware installation, memory upgrades, firewall optimization, new computer setup, data safety consultation, Internet optimization and many other services.

“We do pretty much anything associated with computers that you can imagine,” Edmondson said with pride. “We can interface your equipment, set up a new server or completely restructure your Wi-Fi implementation--anything you need.”

A Carbonite Partner since 2012, Lane & Hicks currently has about 20 clients running Carbonite business solutions.

“Carbonite is real simple to use,” said Edmondson, adding that he likes how Carbonite makes it easy for partners to centrally monitor and manage backups. “That is pretty cool.”

Some of Lane & Hicks’ favorite things about partnering with Carbonite include:

  • Ease of use: Carbonite is a powerful cloud backup system that’s easy to implement and simple to use. The Carbonite Partner Portal and Web-based management dashboard make monitoring and managing your clients’ backups a breeze. It’s also easy to let your clients manage their own backups if you prefer.
  • Channel account managers: Every Carbonite Partner gets a dedicated and highly trained Channel Account Manager. Their job is to provide support to Carbonite Partners, help them maximize sales and answer any questions that come up.
  • Ransomware protection: Carbonite Partners are able to offer their clients the ultimate protection against ransomware attacks. If a client’s files get locked up due to CryptoLocker or some other form of malware, all you need to do is delete them and restore clean versions from the Carbonite backup. With Carbonite, there’s no need to pay the ransom. “That’s one of the things we try to relay to customers: Just because you pay the ransom doesn’t mean you’re going to get your stuff back,” Edmondson said. “But Carbonite can save you.”

Not a Carbonite Partner? Learn about the benefits of partnering with Carbonite and become a Carbonite Partner today.

John Durant is Director of Channel Sales at Carbonite, a provider of powerful yet simple cloud and hybrid backup solutions for small and midsize businesses. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly as part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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