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Channel Partner Helps Boys & Girls Club Focus on Mentoring Kids

Channel Partner Helps Boys & Girls Club Focus on Mentoring Kids

The Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster doesn’t have to worry much about its technology infrastructure. Instead the staff is free to spend most of its time doing what it does best: helping children develop the skills needed to become healthy, well-adjusted and productive adults.

That’s thanks in large part to Computer Troubleshooters, a Leominster-based Carbonite Partner that manages The Boys & Girls Club’s cloud and local backup and other important IT systems.

“I work on fundraisers and grant writing, and I send out letters requesting donations from donors,” said Patty Fields, Resource Development Director with The Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg & Leominster. “I’m thoroughly confident that whatever I’m working on and whatever I’m saving to the server--I know it’s going to be there for me. I know that Computer Troubleshooters is making sure we have the right software in place to do that.”

When Computer Troubleshooters began working with The Boys & Girls Club it quickly realized that the club had a lot of older technology in need of upgrades. During the upgrade process, it became clear that the club was also in need of a high-quality backup system.

“Carbonite allowed for us to back up four servers and we were able to make sure all the data was being taken care of,” said Tony Fields, Computer Troubleshooters’ owner. “We know that as we’re growing, Carbonite is there to grow along with us.”

Computer Troubleshooters: A Part of the Team

Computer Troubleshooters is serious about teaming up with its business clients and making sure they stay in business. The key to being an excellent IT solutions and services provider is truly getting to understand your clients’ business needs, according to Fields.

“When we first sit down with a customer, we don’t even want to talk about technology. We want to find out what makes your business grow and what your goals are,” he said. “Then we’re able to match up the type of solutions that will support their mission. So we’re part of the team. That’s our biggest goal.”

Some of Computer Troubleshooters’ favorite things about partnering with Carbonite include:

  • Helpful channel account managers: Every Carbonite Partner gets a dedicated and highly trained Channel Account Manager. Their job is to provide support to Carbonite Partners, help them maximize sales and answer any questions they may have.
  • Great value: Carbonite offers powerful backup solutions at a price that makes sense for Computer Troubleshooters and its clients.
  • Automatic backup: Fields knows from experience that when clients have to interact too much with a backup system, backups don’t happen. That’s why Computer Troubleshooters recommends Carbonite. Once installed, Carbonite backs up files automatically in the background, without users having to worry about it. “Carbonite is simple, it’s low cost and we’re able to just implement it and have their data secured.”

Not a Carbonite Partner? Learn about the benefits of partnering with Carbonite and become a Carbonite Partner today.

John Durant is Director of Channel Sales at Carbonite, a provider of powerful yet simple cloud and hybrid backup solutions for small-to-midsize businesses. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship.

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