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Carbonite: Cloud-Based Backup Attracts Resellers, Channel Partners

Carbonite has been experiencing real momentum with its Reseller Program since it announced a formal version in June 2012, with a “few hundred” more VARs signing up to offer its services in just three months, said David Hauser, director, channel program, Carbonite. But that's not all.

“With our legacy platform had about 1,800 resellers and we’ve actually grown that quite a bit in the last two months,” he said. “We launched the program in June and since then we’ve had a few hundred more resellers that have already signed up. If you do the math on that we’re getting almost 10 resellers a day that are reaching out to us, which is fantastic.”

Hauser explained more in this FastChat Video:

Strong Brand, Reliable Service

Part of Carbonite’s success in the channel is its reputation as a solid, low-cost provider of cloud-based backup services. Its business offerings, for example, start at $229 for 250GB of data per year, while its home offerings -- which has been adopted heavily in the SOHO market -- starts at just $59 per year for unlimited data.

“We really feel confident that from price point perspective, we came into the market with a very disruptive price point,” Hauser said. “Plus, our ease of use has been seen within these products as well -- it’s been a hallmark with our home products -- and we also have a high level of security that you need and want from an online data provider.”

Carbonite’s offerings in the business and SOHO space prompted the company to formalize its channel partner program, Hauser noted, after the company saw a quickly growing interest in its technology within the channel.

“With new business and home products rolling out in 2011 the unbelievable thing that was happening was the amount of demand we were receiving from resellers, for a number of different reasons. But one of the main reasons was ... because the brand was so well-known,” he said. “Because of this pent-up demand we really made a strong commitment to go even further than we had been previously, so in June of this year we launched the new channel partner program. We’re very excited about it and we are looking to have a strong commitment within the channel and work with our resellers.”

The program offers partners a discount off the list price. Partners simply purchase the codes from Carbonite at the discount and resell them to their end users. Carbonite works directly with resellers even after the sale, providing them with a dashboard view of the status of all their codes -- activated or not -- including whether backups are being performed.

“And you get the backing of Carbonite, a financially secure company that is one of the leaders in the space,” Hauser added.

Resellers interested in learning more about Carbonite can follow the company on Twitter at @Carbonite or @CarboniteBiz, or check out the company’s reseller program on its Resellers Program page on its website.

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