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Building a Killer Team: How to Optimize and Build Your Team for Success

Building a Killer Team: How to Optimize and Build Your Team for Success

Managing and building a successful team is about more than getting the right seats in the bus. It’s about creating a team of members that not only blend well, but play off of each member's weaknesses and strengths. The most important thing is to be able to step out of your normal department role and take a look at the organization as a whole.

As an outsider looking in, are your processes up to snuff? By doing this you get a chance to not only see how your team works, but how your team works with other departments. Stability is the most important thing when it comes to not only running a business, but keeping a cohesive flow between your departments. So how does a company, regardless of size or experience, achieve stability in the day-to-day?  Believe me, it is possible. I’ve seen it.  It stems from understanding an eight letter word, which can either ‘make’ or ‘break’ your wildest dreams of success.

That little word is Optimize.

You need to learn and make a habit out of doing the best with everything you have, at the time you need to execute. Corporate growth isn’t dictated by your ability to infuse capital at the perfect time, rather it is defined by how you use the resources you already have- to the MAX!  Here’s the kicker, chances are- you’ve already known what ‘Optimization’ is like.  You just didn’t know it.

Optimize for the Team

Just like a proper ConnectWise flow or LabTech script, these things are meant to make your life easier. Employees act in the same way as a properly implemented script of PSA, they are supposed to make your life easier. Let’s face it, though, people are variable and have moods and emotions that may not mix well with others. These conflicting ideas or departments feuding can throw a wrench into a well-oiled machine.  This is the difficult part about building any team to work together day in and day out. Being able to defuse a situation and manage conflict is a must when it comes to an optimized team.

To avoid conflict, it is important to consider understanding each person’s behavior and motivation.  It’s not about knowing how a person ‘ticks’- when it’s more about having the desire to better know your fellow man; because it’s the right thing to do. The DISC Profile (personal assessment tool) and Workplace Motivator Assessments can be a great asset to allow team members to become better acquainted.  They’ll learn more about the HOW and WHY of a person they work with, than WHAT and WHEN they did it.  It’s about changing their focus, and it’s up to you.

Jason Rivas is in operations and process management at CharTec. He is training in Six Sigma Certification and is a licensed behavioral analyst.

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