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Adding Web Monitoring and Filtering to Increase MRR and Customer Retention

Adding Web Monitoring and Filtering to Increase MRR and Customer Retention

For security, the winning strategy is prevention. Keeping machines from being infected with malware in the first place means less time cleaning up messes, and more time time to grow your business. If you’re using OpenDNS Umbrella for MSPs, you already know how effective it is at blocking malware, botnets, and phishing attempts. But if you’re only taking advantage of Umbrella’s malware protection, you’re missing out on an opportunity to expand your business, make more money, and improve customer retention.

Your OpenDNS Umbrella subscription also includes granular content filtering and a wealth of reports. Umbrella security is enforced at the network layer over DNS, so it can report and block both web browsing and non-web traffic from apps like Spotify and BitTorrent without proxies.  Providing customers reports on employee Internet usage and the ability to enforce policy positions the MSP as a trusted advisor and can provide a nice up-sell.

How should you start?

Work together with your customers to decide which metrics matter.

At quarterly business reviews, provide the customer with a high level report from the Umbrella Dashboard. You can easily show them the most visited domains and the most popular categories across the whole customer organization. And with the RMM-deployable Umbrella Agent installed on customer endpoints, you can provide those reports on a per-device basis.

Become your customers’ trusted advisor, providing valuable and actionable insight into their business rather than simply responding to their requests. Get them hooked on the data describing how their resources are being used, and they’ll rely on you as a partner when they make business decisions. This data is especially important when making HR decisions or considering network upgrades.

Additionally, providing data about Internet traffic is a great foundation for two easy upsells. If your customers find that analysis particularly useful, you can offer direct access to the dashboard for an additional fee. And of course, once they’ve discovered which web sites are popular, some customers will want to block access to certain destinations. Whether they want to limit access to work-appropriate content or to curb time wasters like YouTube or Facebook, you can use Umbrella to provide flexible and effective web blocking as an optional service.

Content filtering is an easy win for additional revenue streams, and the ongoing need for current data about Internet usage provides continual opportunity for provide more value to your customers. As a source of data to your customers, you can alert them to trends on their network that they would otherwise be unaware of, helping them to identify and understand their needs. Cloud-delivered IT services offer great abilities to collect and make sense of huge amounts of data in real time. MSPs that can find proactive ways to make that data useful for their customers are going to have more meaningful—and more valuable—relationships with their clients. Umbrella for MSPs is already providing comprehensive security for your customers; providing web traffic analysis or content filtering can add more than just a new line item on the invoice. It can add a whole new dimension to your customer relationships.

Dima Kumets is Product Manager at OpenDNS

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