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5 Ways VMware’s 'Ready for Any' Partner Exchange Prepares Partners to Be Customer Advisors

5 Ways VMware’s 'Ready for Any' Partner Exchange Prepares Partners to Be Customer Advisors

Almost as powerful as being able to provide any application on any device, today’s top channel partners understand the value of being “Ready for Any” customer questions, technical issues or even on-the-spot discussions around hybrid cloud, business mobility, virtualization and everything in between.

Partners consume white papers, technical blogs and join user groups at a rapid pace, and their customers are taking notice. More and more, we see both openly debate the best approaches for disaster recovery and security--whether there’s an effortless way to transition from the client-server era to the mobile-cloud era for their company. In either case, the important take away for partners is that customers look to you for guidance. They view you as a trusted advisor and are prepared to build a partnership with you. But, this does pose a very important question for partners:

If you were at an event, such as VMworld, would you be “Ready For Any” discussion -- including how your initiatives line up with the newest solutions or product road maps?

We considered this question when including Partner Exchange as part of the 2015 VMworld program for the first time.  We wanted to ensure partners received the training and insight necessary to hold valuable conversations. With this in mind, we planned to hold Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2015 one day prior to the full program so partners could preview what their customers were going to see throughout the week. The content was designed to:

  1. Help align a partner’s go-to-market focus areas with VMware’s
  2. Provide access to more enablement and dedicated partner content
  3. Allow partners to spend more time with their customers at VMworld and attend sessions together during the week
  4. Supply the tools partners need to accelerate the sales cycle
  5. Grant exclusive access to the Partner lounge, which was open for Partner Exchange pass holders only

The Value of Partnership

Partners attended targeted training opportunities, including keynotes based on route-to-market and breakout sessions with four tracks to choose from: Technical, Business, Services and Cloud. Partner Exchange attendees also received the same information provided to VMware’s sales force and our system engineers, including repurposed technical content from the Tech Summit as well as business and sales content from the VMware Sales Kick Off. This is a testament to our partners’ dedication to knowledge and the value of partnership.

So, will you be attending our next Partner Exchange?  We’d love to hear your thoughts as well as any Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2015 success stories. You can also find additional information about future events by referring to our corporate events page or by contacting your VMware representative directly.

Toni Adams is Vice President of Global Partner Marketing at VMware. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship.

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