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10 Things You Need to Be Doing on LinkedIn Today

10 Things You Need to Be Doing on LinkedIn Today

The evolution of digital in the last few years has drastically changed the way that we as professionals communicate, educate, and buy and sell products. More than ever, companies have the ability to reach out to more customers through social media and better articulate their value proposition and product strategies. It is estimated that  “67% of a buyer’s journey is now digital.” (SiriusDecisions). But what does that exactly mean? Sometimes it’s not so much about doing digital marketing as it is about marketing effectively to a digital world. But how?

One powerful vehicle to leverage is LinkedIn. Many are familiar with LinkedIn as a way to display a professional identity and resume, or as a platform to engage with your professional network. But few are aware of the many benefits LinkedIn offers as they relate to your bottom line.

Heather K. Margolis of Channel Maven Consulting talks online engagement and the 10 things you need to be doing on LinkedIn right now to ensure your customers are finding the right information and closing deals.  

The LinkedIn Partner Profile Countdown:

10. Update your profile – Start with the basics. Make sure your title is up-to-date, since your title speaks to your prospects. Let this be your 30-second elevator pitch to get people intrigued.

9. Increase your connections – Did you know you can sync your email contacts to drive more targeted connections? Source your connections and give them a reason to connect.

8. Join groups to make new connections – Be a thought leader, share valuable content with groups that make sense.

7. Check up on your connections – Are your connections celebrating a job anniversary? Birthday? Know what they’re up to and in turn make sure they know what you’re up to. Attention to detail quickly turns into trust.

6. Check who views your profile – Tap into your LinkedIn metrics. Prospects could be at your fingertips, why not connect?

5. Review LinkedIn Pulse - LinkedIn Pulse is a smartphone application that delivers personalized news powered by your professional world and has proven to be a great way to receive information that suit your needs.

4. Launch a Long-Form Post – Understand what content is appropriate to share with your audience. What are some of their pain points that you can help solve? How can you target and engage the audience you’ve already connected with? A long-form post is a great way to do this and ask for feedback or participation.

3. Think about Sales Navigator – Find prospects based on certain keywords, company location, size of business, industry, function, etc.

2. Check out Slideshare – Gain exposure for what you do. You never know if your next big prospect could be viewing your content.

1. Engage, engage, engage – Watch the video and find out how to better engage your customer audience.  

Feel like there are still more to discover? VMware has partnered with Channel Maven Consulting to create 15 bite-sized videos to help you navigate your social demand roadmap. Visit the Marketing Resources section of the Partner Demand Center to view these insightful videos, learn marketing best practices and download toolkits to help build your business.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Have you personally found LinkedIn helpful in your professional life?

Abigail Lee is Senior Global Partner Marketing Manager at VMwareGuest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship. 




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