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TmaxSoft Leverages AWS for Scalable, MySQL-Compatible Tibero Database

TmaxSoft's Tibero database, which is scalable enough for high-volume data analytics yet retains Oracle MySQL compatibility, is now available through AWS.

TmaxSoft hopes a partnership with Red Hat and deployment on Amazon's AWS cloud will spur enterprise adoption of Tibero, a database designed to provide the scalability of big data platforms while retaining Oracle MySQL compatibility.

TmaxSoft describes Tibero as "a highly scalable, resource-efficient relational DBMS that responds effectively to high volume transactional data processing and analytics." It also offers "advanced Oracle compatibility at a fraction of Oracle’s cost, and includes support for Oracle data types, Oracle commands, Oracle schemas, Oracle stored procedures, and Oracle SQL extensions," according to the company.

In the midst of the ongoing database wars -- not to mention the big data revolution -- Tibero stands out for its ability to scale while also retaining compatibility with traditional databases, which are generally not designed for the type of scalability that enterprises expect today.

The company says that, to date, it has migrated about 150 customers from Oracle to Tibero. Now, it hopes to attract more business by offering Tibero through AWS, where it can be deployed via a virtual machine running on top of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

"We're excited at collaborating directly with Red Hat to expand the deployment choices for TmaxSoft customers," said Joshua Yulish, CEO and President, TmaxSoft Inc. "In our experience, Red Hat represents the gold standard for Tibero database customers needing reliability and performance on large, on-premise enterprise Linux platforms. We can now extend that same rock solid stack to the AWS Marketplace. This will address both enterprise hybrid markets and small and medium size businesses needing enterprise database performance and security while growing their business."

TmaxSoft is hardly the only database vendor trying to bridge the gap between Oracle MySQL and today's data-intensive workloads, of course. But by focusing on extensive Oracle compatibility, it stands out from vendors that are taking other approaches, such as deploying "NoSQL" databases that offer only basic Oracle compatibility, often through wrappers rather than direct integration. And while Tibero so far has not apparently seen huge levels of adoption, the convenience of cloud-based deployment through AWS will certainly make it much easier for enterprises to use the database.

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