Big Data Quality: Talend, Loqate Partner on Address Verification, Geocoding

Big Data Quality: Talend, Loqate Partner on Address Verification, Geocoding

Open source Big Data vendor Talend will integrate Loqate's address-verification tools into the Talend data-quality platform.

It's easier than ever to store and analyze Big Data, but that doesn't mean it's always clean and accurate. That's why data quality is a growing part of the Big Data world. And the channel is acting to meet the demand, as a partnership announced this week between open source Big Data vendor Talend and Loqate, which provides address verification services, highlights.

Through the deal, Talend will integrate Loqate's address-verification engine into the Talend Platform for Data Management. The product, which is part of Talend's suite of open source-based platforms for managing Big Data, is a data-quality tool that corrects issues such as inconsistent, incomplete and redundant information inside Big Data stores.

Address verification is a particularly important part of the data-quality picture, since location information often plays a central role in enterprise business operations. The deal with Loqate will help Talend pitch its data-quality services to enterprises with an especially important focus on accurate geolocation data.

The partnership also allows Talend to expand its reach to several key parts of the channel. As the company noted in a statement:

The combined solution strengthens Talend's ability to provide powerful data quality for solutions such as CRM systems, customer-centric data warehousing or MDM applications. Address validation provides benefits to these applications with the ability to verify and correct addresses before mailing, enrich data with latitude and longitude for those applications that require it, standardize addresses to more easily find duplicate addresses, and minimize delays in shipping and delivery of items with accurate shipping information. The solution will also be offered to customers of Talend Platform for MDM, Talend's enterprise-grade, multidomain Master Data Management solution.

Talend partnered in late 2012 with Melissa Data on a similar solution for address verification. While the company continues to work with Melissa Data in that area, the Loqate partnership expands Talend's data-quality capabilities further, according to a representative of the company, who added that Loquate provides the additional resource of geocoding.

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