Attunity Releases Big Data Optimization Tool for HP Vertica

Attunity Releases Big Data Optimization Tool for HP Vertica

Attunity has released Click-2-Load, a solution for the HP Vertica Big Data analytics platform that helps to automate and optimize data processing.

Big Data doesn't always translate to fast data. But Attunity (ATTU) has released a new tool that it says could change that when used in conjunction with HP Vertica, the Big Data analytics platform. The product release also means a closer partnership between Attunity and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ).

It's no secret that technologies for storing large amounts of data have grown more rapidly in recent years than tools for transporting, processing and analyzing that information. Most of the software solutions in use today for moving data around were designed in a different age and are not particularly adept at transporting huge amounts of information efficiently and quickly.

Attunity aims to address that need with a new product it calls Attunity Click-2-Load for HP Vertica. The tool is "designed to accelerate the process of loading data to HP Vertica and enables quick time-to-value with a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional data integration solutions," according to the company. Key features include:

  • Quick setup of data feeds featuring a drag-and-drop user experience and full process automation.
  • High-performance loading of large data volumes featuring optimized integration with HP Vertica.
  • Real-time change data capture (CDC) capability, featuring Attunity's proprietary technologies, including in-memory data streaming and high-performance TurboStream CDC.
  • Support of many heterogeneous data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle and DB2.
  • Lower total cost of ownership that reduces the need for development staff.

The catch, for now, is that this works only on HP Vertica. But Attunity is leveraging the product release as an opportunity to tighten its channel relationship with HP, which may in turn increase the importance of HP Vertica within the channel. In a statement, Itamar Ankorion, vice president of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Attunity, said, "We are excited about expanding our relationship with HP and focused on helping HP customers to achieve fast time-to-value with HP Vertica and HAVEn, HP’s Big Data Platform."

The moral for the channel? Big Data is only useful if it can be analyzed effectively, and data transfer optimization is a key part of that picture. Companies such as Attunity are starting to address this need, but many opportunities remain surrounding not only HP Vertica but a host of other data analytics platforms.

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