Talend 5.6 Brings Spark, Storm, IoT Features to Open Source Big Data

Talend 5.6 Brings Spark, Storm, IoT Features to Open Source Big Data

Talend 5.6, the latest version of the open source big data platform, introduces new support for Apache Spark and Storm, as well as better Internet of Things integration.

Talend 5.6, the latest iteration of the flagship product from the open source big data vendor with the same name, is now available, bringing with it features that the company says will speed Hadoop adoption in the enterprise, as well as promote Internet of Things (IoT) integration.

Among the most significant enhancements heralded by Talend 5.6 is support for Apache Spark, the scale-out big data infrastructure, and Apache Storm, another distributed big data framework. Those features are available in the new release only in "preview" mode, but Talend nonetheless hopes they will help draw enterprise customers to its big data software by using distributed computation to speed and optimize data analysis.

Talend 5.6 also introduces new tools for processing IoT data and other machine-generated information by supporting the MQTT and AMQP protocols for communicating with data originating from sensors. This functionality could go a long way toward bridging what traditionally has been a major divide within the big data space between information automatically generated by machines and other types of data, which typically have not been suited to processing by a single platform.

Last but not least, Talend 5.6 strengthens Talend's integration with other software platforms and partners by adding new "connectors" that simplify the importation and processing of data from third-party sources. In particular, the company is promoting the new support it has introduced for "Oracle GoldenGate CDC, Microsoft HDInsight and enhanced connectivity to SaaS solutions including Salesforce.com, Marketo and NetSuite."

The open source, community-oriented version of Talend 5.6 is available now for download. Commercial subscriptions for the enterprise will begin Dec. 11.

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