10gen VP Matt Asay Ready to talk partner program

10gen VP Matt Asay: Ready to talk partner program.

10 NoSQL, Big Data Partner Questions: 10gen Channel Chief Matt Asay

10gen VP Matt Asay is driving MongoDB, the NoSQL database for Big Data applications, toward partners. Here are 10 questions for the open source veteran.

As 10gen's VP of business development and strategy, Matt Asay oversees the NoSQL and Big Data company's partner initiatives. Translation: Asay, a veteran of Alfresco, Canonical, Novell and others -- essentially is 10gen's channel chief. So what are the partner opportunities for those that want to work with the MongoDB database provider? Here are 10 key questions for Asay.

First, a little background: NoSQL databases are catching on for Big Data and cloud applications. But The VAR Guy is a bit worried about partner programs in this market. Most NoSQL companies seem to focus on strategic "technology" partners -- hardware, software and cloud companies -- rather than traditional integrators, VARs and MSPs (the lifeblood of the IT channel).

But 10gen sounds a bit different. The company announced a partner program in early 2013. And The VAR Guy earlier today learned that Asay now leads 10gen's business development efforts. (Shocking, but sometimes The VAR Guy really is the last to know...).

Asay and The VAR Guy expect to connect next week for an interview. So what will The VAR Guy ask? Here are the 10 top questions:

1. Partner Mix: So far, what types of parters work closely with 10gen? Is it mostly hardware, ISV and cloud partners? Or are VARs and integrators beginning to wake up to this opportunity?

2. Open Source VARs: Of the major open source companies, only a handful (such as Red Hat) have a loyal channel following. What steps is 10gen taking to attract the channel?

3. Cloud Services Providers: Are you attracting interest from CSPs that want to host MongoDB for customers?

4. Early Learnings: You personally have worked for a range of open source companies. What takeaways from your days at Alfresco, Novell, Canonical and others are you applying at 10gen?

5. Killer Applications: What are the top use cases for MongoDB?

6. Profits: Where can partners generate profits with 10gen?

7. ISVs: What types of independent software vendors are flocking toward 10gen?

8. NoSQL vs SQL, Relational: How do you position MongoDB vs. traditional databases? Where do relational databases still make sence and where is NoSQL the more ideal solution?

9. Expansion: What steps is 10gen taking to expand its business? Will you need to raise money to fund that expansion?

10. Partner Support: What types of training, marketing and sales support do you offer VARs and channel partners?

The VAR Guy looks forward to the conversation, Matt. Good to be in touch again.

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