MongoHQ, GoGrid Partner on MongoDB Big Data Storage

MongoHQ, GoGrid Partner on MongoDB Big Data Storage

MongoHQ and GoGrid have announced a "1-Button Deploy" Big Data solution based on MongoDB, the load-balanced NoSQL database storage platform.

MongoHQ and GoGrid have partnered to deliver a turnkey NoSQL MongoDB storage solution, which they say will make it easier to perform Big Data analytics with no major investment in time or resources.

Actually, the companies prefer the term "1-Button Deploy," the name of GoGrid's Big Data-analytics solution. Combined with MongoHQ's database-as-a-service platform for hosted MongoDB storage, GoGrid's Big Data service will make MongoDB, a NoSQL-type database, accessible to meet the Big Data needs of companies that traditionally have lacked the ability to build such solutions on their own, the partners say.

"Databases such as MongoDB are vital in today's business climate, and frequently require expertise and resources that place its benefits beyond the reach of many companies," said Heather McKelvey, CTO and senior vice president of Engineering at GoGrid. "Partnering with MongoHQ will offer developers an incredibly simple and cost-effective way to deploy MongoDB at the click of a button, while avoiding the pitfalls that come with a new database deployment."

The partnership will also deliver high-performance Big Data storage and services through GoGrid's f5 hardware load balancing for application servers, cross-network redundancy and SSD storage devices, all of which provide fast, highly available storage, according to the companies.

And MongoHQ is pitching the hosted Big Data solution as particularly cost-effective for businesses with tight budgets, since the company "asks users to pay only for the data they actually use" through its Elastic Deployment pricing plan, which starts at $18/month.

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