Pentaho Rolls Out Big Data Analytics Platform with MongoDB Support

Pentaho Rolls Out Big Data Analytics Platform with MongoDB Support

Pentaho 5.1, the Big Data analytics platform, offers enhanced integration with the open source MongoDB database, R and Weka integration and full Hadoop YARN support.

Delivering out-of-the-box Big Data analytics, with no specialized programming required, is the goal behind the latest version of Pentaho's business intelligence platform. Announced this week, Pentaho 5.1 offers enhanced MongoDB support, full Hadoop 2.0 YARN compatibility and more.

The new software release, according to Pentaho, "enables companies large or small to take full advantage of Big Data without having to endure a lengthy, specialized process that often proves a barrier to entry to Big Data." It aims to provide that Big Data accessibility in several ways, including:

  • Integration with the open source MongoDB database platform (specifically, Pentaho supports MongoDB versions 2.4 and 2.6) that allows enterprises to perform analytics on MongoDB data directly "at the source," without having to program custom connectors between the database and data analytics tools.
  • A Data Science Pack, which integrates heavy-duty data analytics tools, such as R and Weka, into Pentaho. That innovation could do a lot to differentiate Pentaho from other Big Data analytics solutions that don't provide such rigorous power to delve seriously into data.
  • Full support for YARN, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of Hadoop's resource-management capabilities to integrate Pentaho into heavy-duty Big Data workloads.

According to Christopher Dziekan, executive vice president and chief product officer at Pentaho, "The new capabilities in Pentaho 5.1 support our ongoing strategy to make the hardest aspects of Big Data analytics faster, easier and more accessible to all. With the launch of 5.1, Pentaho continues to power Big Data analytics at scale, responding not only to the demands of the Big Data-driven enterprise but also provides companies big and small a more level playing field so emerging companies without large, specialist development teams can also enter the Big Data arena."

Pentaho unveiled the new version of its data analytics platform at MongoDB World on June 24.

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