MemSQL, GoGrid Partner on High-Performance Big Data Cloud Analytics

MemSQL, GoGrid Partner on High-Performance Big Data Cloud Analytics

MemSQL, which provides Big Data analytics based on an in-memory database, and GoGrid have partnered to simplify deployment of the analytics solution within the cloud.

Public cloud computing and Big Data analytics have converged in a new partnership between MemSQL and GoGrid designed to simplify the orchestration of MemSQL's in-memory distributed database system for business intelligence.

MemSQL and GoGrid are both invested in high-performance Big Data computing. MemSQL's platform leverages in-memory storage to speed both real-time and historical data analytics, while GoGrid tailors to customers interested in Big Data-oriented hosting solutions that include SSD storage, large amounts of RAM memory and dedicated servers.

The new partnership between the companies, which they announced June 17, adds ease of use to the high-end services that each provides, they said. Through the partnership, customers will enjoy a "1-Button Deploy" (that's trademarked, by the way) process for launching a MemSQL data analytics cluster on GoGrid's public cloud service.

"Enterprise customers today are looking for simplicity and high performance to power their most innovative business endeavors," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder at MemSQL, in a statement. "Our partnership with GoGrid delivers on that goal by combining a high-performance cloud infrastructure with the world’s fastest in-memory database in a simple, easy to deploy and use environment. With the touch of a button, customers are ready to start capitalizing immediately on their Big Data assets."

MemSQL is also pitching the new orchestration solution as a convenient way for enterprises to deploy its data analytics platform for testing purposes without investing in a hardware purchase. They can then transition to a permanent Big Data solution based on MemSQL and GoGrid if they like the results. "GoGrid’s 1-Button Deploy technology makes starting a cloud trial and then transitioning Big Data applications to full-scale production effortless," according to MemSQL in a statement. "With this partnership, enterprises can deploy a complete solution in a matter of minutes to evaluate MemSQL and GoGrid simultaneously, and can easily convert to a purchase at any time during the free trial."

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