Guavus Joins AMPLab for Open Source Big Data Collaboration

Guavus Joins AMPLab for Open Source Big Data Collaboration

Big Data analytics vendor Guavus has joined Berkeley's AMPLab to collaborate on open source Big Data decisioning solutions.

Another Big Data analytics company has entered the open source realm. Guavus has become an official sponsor of the AMPLab, a research initiative hosted at the University of California at Berkeley to drive open source Big Data innovation.

Guavus, which announced the news on May 27, joins the likes of SAP (SAP), Google (GOOG) and Cisco Systems (CSCO) in collaborating with the AMPLab, the site that gave rise to Spark for cluster computing, Shark SQL query engine for Hadoop data and Mesos, the cluster manager that provides resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications.

For now, Guavus and the AMPLab have yet to announce specifics regarding their collaboration, but the company said the partnership is about "striving to set a new standard for Big Data for a new data-driven world."

Eric Carr, vice president Core Systems Group at Guavus, added, "Berkeley’s AMPLab is a leading innovator in the Big Data space. Guavus is proud to be an official sponsor and part of furthering open source developments."

Guavus, which is based in California, was founded in 2006. Its focus is on Big Data analytics solutions that provide insight in real time through a series of applications designed to assist in network planning and operations, marketing, security and customer care.

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