Sisense, Simba Partner Around MongoDB NoSQL Business Analytics

Sisense, Simba Partner Around MongoDB NoSQL Business Analytics

Sisense and Simba have partnered to integrate MongoDB, the open source, NoSQL database platform, into Sisense's business intelligence and data analytics suite.

Hadoop has made lots of big data headlines by now. But in a reminder that it is only part of the open source big data story, Sisense and Simba partnered this week to deliver data analytics via MongoDB, the open source NoSQL platform, which is increasingly importance in production big data use.

Through the partnership, Sisense, which delivers business intelligence and data analytics solutions designed for non-technical business users, will include an OBDC driver from Simba in its business intelligence suite. The driver allows Sisense users to connect to data stored in MongoDB databases.

The companies say the solution delivers "new levels of analytical performance and speed to business users" without requiring special data-analytics expertise on the part of users. It makes it possible to access NoSQL data that lives in MongoDB databases via traditional SQL queries. Queries are also 10 times faster than in-memory data processing as a result of proprietary optimization technology from Sisense, according to the companies.

"Sisense is known for giving business users access to and control of their data with a powerful yet simple-to-use analytics suite that can handle terabytes of data in a flash," Sisense Founder and CTO, Eldad Farkash, said in a statement. "Adding ODBC connectivity from Simba Technologies lets those same business users enjoy direct SQL-query capabilities to NoSQL MongoDB data, allowing them to mash up data from a multitude of sources with unprecedented speed and ease."

The companies will be demonstrating the new software at Strata + Hadoop World next week in San Jose—which, despite its name, is clearly now about more than Hadoop as other open source big data technologies, including MongoDB, arrive on the scene to provide new levels of scalability and speed for next-generation data analytics.

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