Capgemini Rolls Out Big Data Analytics on Amazon AWS

Capgemini Rolls Out Big Data Analytics on Amazon AWS

Capgemini has launched a business intelligence and big data analytics solution on Amazon Web Services. Elastic Analytics was designed as an enterprise-ready, integrated offering for running analytics in the cloud.

A new business intelligence and big data analytics offering from Capgemini promises Amazon Web Services (AMW) users the ability to run analytics in the cloud for more timely insight from their data. Elastic Analytics is being positioned as an end-to-end BI and big data analytics solution that provides the infrastructure, management, security, support and maintenance all wrapped up in one cloud offering.

Designed for the enterprise, Elastic Analytics supports many leading BI software packages. Of course, one of the key benefits Capgemini is touting is the elasticity and flexbility of an analytics service on a cloud platform. Basically, customers can expand and contract their service as their needs dictate. Nothing really out of the ordinary for the cloud, but something on-premise analytics software can't promise as easily.

"Organizations are continuously looking for optimized solutions that deliver shorter 'time-to-value' advanced analytics. AWS is a highly adaptable and extensible platform that rapidly offers organizations the ability to launch and sustain their advanced analytics initiatives," said Scott Schlesinger, senior vice president for business information management at Capgemini, in a prepared statement.

Launching the analytics offering on AWS likely makes the most sense for the provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Although other cloud services may not be far behind, AWS is still leading the pack, but it might also make sense in time to launch additional versions of Elastic Analytics on more platforms. Not that Capgemini has hinted at such a thing.

How exactly Elastic Analytics will be taken to market isn't entirely clear. Capgemini works with its customers directly, of course, but whether there will be an opportunity for some partner-to-partner opportunities or even resale opportunities for AWS partners is unknown at this point.

"Organizations are struggling with the deluge of data and the ability to rapidly respond to new demand for insight from their business users. Cloud offers a way to deliver solutions quickly but BI and big data infrastructure is complex to set up," said Lanny Cohen, global CTO at Capgemini, in a prepared statement. He added that Elastic Analytics was developed while working closely with AWS.

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