The Doyle Report: Startup Culture and Women in IT MSPmentor

The Doyle Report: Startup Culture and Women in IT

Don't miss this podcast if you're thinking about starting something new in 2017.

Thinking about starting a new business or division in 2017? Then check out this podcast with former IBM ecosystem GM and current startup advisor Sandy Carter. While at IBM, Carter recruited and mentored tech startups, which gave IBM an edge in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and cloud innovation.

Carter also made it a personal mission to advance women in technology. She mentored, advised and strategized with female entrepreneurs all over the world and made an impact in many places she went.

Now she’s working as an advisor in Silicon Valley, helping to advance many of her favorite causes. I recently caught up with her at the 2016  IoT Emerge Conference in Chicago. Along with my Penton colleague Bibi Jackson, I asked Carter for her thoughts on disruptive innovation, business insights, women in technology and more.

Carter had a lot to say, especially on the contribution women technologists can provide. With proportionate representation in technology, she believes women could help grow the industry by an additional $30 billion.

She also provides valuable insight for those looking to build something new in 2017. Hint: if you’re thinking about launching a new company or business unit, focus on pushing the boundary in these four areas: product excellence, business model differentiation, operational efficiency and customer experience.

For more on our interview with Carter, listen here.

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