STORServer is offering a new way for MSPs to find the right backup appliance for their customers

STORServer is offering a new way for MSPs to find the right backup appliance for their customers.

STORServer Provides Free Backup Appliance Selection Guide for MSPs

Having trouble with choosing backup appliances? Here's a quick guide on how MSPs can select the right backup appliance for their customers.

With the variety of backup and disaster recovery (BDR) options available in today's market, selecting backup appliances for customers isn't always the easiest process for managed services providers (MSPs).

To make things a little easier, STORServer, a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based BDR vendor, has broken things down into a simple routine for MSPs.

"Not all backup appliances -- enterprise or small office -- are the same," STORServer Vice President John Pearring said in a prepared statement. "Customers must choose wisely based on the parameters we’ve shared in order to get the best cost, solution and protection for their data.”

STORServer is offering its own insight in a new guide (an infographic) that focuses on five features enterprise backup appliance users cannot go without. It also goes into the backup appliance selection process by providing its own views on hardware and software considerations, key features, manufacturer support criteria and more.

If the infographic isn't enough, try using the company's Solution Wizard for selecting the right backup hardware appliances for customers.

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