Intronis CEO Rick Faulk

Intronis CEO Rick Faulk.

Intronis Fall 2013 BDR Release Expands VMware BDR

Intronis is pushed out a new release of its cloud BDR solution for channel partners which expands the platform's VMware BDR capabilities.

Intronis is pushing out a new release of its cloud backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution today for channel partners.

The new Intronis Fall ’13 release aims to assist channel partners with scaling their recovery as a service offerings as well as introduce support for clustered environments.

Intronis Product Management Vice President Chuck DeLouis told MSPmentor via email that the new release "focuses in on the scalability and usability of the product."

Intronis noted the following updated features with its Fall ’13 release:

  • Expanded VMware (VMW) backup and recovery capabilities, allowing for faster backups and user-defined unique destination hosts for multiple virtual machines within a single backup set.
  • The ability to create and update recovery VMs that reside on a host in a cluster.
  • An improved user interface that features a newly redesigned tree hierarchy to easily display large folders and create or restore backup sets in minutes.
  • Overall advancements to the partner web portal, as well as the usability, functionality, and reliability of the solution.

"The new VMware capabilities help complete our imaging solution for VMs, and the user interface is much more intuitive and visually friendly," DeLouis said. "This release was a collaborative effort -- stemming from our own research and development, as well as feedback from our partners."

The redesign of the company's UI selection tool is "a major feature of our Fall Release," he said. Users can now see file and folder selections on one screen in a tree-style heirarchy, while also being able to backup customer data.

He added that Intronis additionally improved the display of large folders to "positively impact loading and response time in the interface."

In addition to the new software release, Intronis reported that it is on track to exceed annual sales growth expectations by double digits. The backup solution provider said it does not pubicly release exact figures.

Intronis said that over the past three years, the company has seen the average storage usage for its channel partners grow by 540 percent.

"We’re consistently asking our partners what else can we be doing -- both with the technology and with our technical support and enablement resources -- and have a section on our partner portal for submitting feedback to us," Delouis said.

Intronis recently hired Intronis Partner Success VP Jasmine Lombardi to lead the Intronis Partner Success organization, which will be responsible for simplifying and accelerating the success of Intronis partners.

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