Neal Bradbury VP of Channel Development at Intronis

Neal Bradbury, VP of Channel Development at Intronis

Intronis Intros Unlimited Storage for Set Monthly Price

Data backup platform provider Intronis has rebranded its suite of offerings and also introduced a new disruptive pricing model with one monthly fee per SMB for unlimited storage. Here are the details.

Data backup platform provider Intronis is unifying its product elements under a single brand, the Intronis Echo Platform, and offering a new disruptive pricing model that provides unlimited cloud storage per SMB for on fixed monthly price.  Here are the details.

MSPmentor spoke with Aaron Dun, chief marketing officer and Neal Bradbury, VP of channel development, about the changes and what they will mean to the company’s MSP partners.

“The price of storage as been dropping continually forever,” Dun told me.  “It’s creating very difficult conversations at the SMB level. We are looking to give our MSPs the opportunity to grow. Once they don’t have the headache of figuring out how to price, this is a great opportunity for them to sell more and sell differently.”

SMBs know they should protect all their data, but due to costs they pick and choose what to actually protect.

“The number one reason things aren’t restorable is because they weren’t backed up in the first place,” Dun said.  “We always told MSPs that they shouldn't sell per gig even though we did. When MSPs didn't have cost certainty it was difficult to figure out how to sell to customers.”

Intronis’ goal is to ease the conversation between MSPs and their SMB customers, Bradbury said.

“This is an incredibly easy pricing model. MSPs are not going to get that friction from the SMB. We need to get our resellers out of this price per gig model,” Bradbury told me.

Intronis has been testing the new pricing over the past few months with prospects and has enjoyed big success in the field with it, saying that May was the best month ever.

As for the new branding, Bradbury and Dun said that the company has broadened its software from being cloud file and folder backup to a much more comprehensive solution that includes image-based backup and virtualization. The company’s spring release included support for Hyper-V, Microsoft’s hypervisor.

“Now is a good time to shape and reorganize the platform,” Dun said of the new Echo Platform name.




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