CommVault Systems CVLT has extended its relationship with Rackspace Hosting RAX

CommVault Systems (CVLT) has extended its relationship with Rackspace Hosting (RAX).

Rackspace Leverages CommVault for Managed Backup Services

CommVault Systems (CVLT) announced it has extended its relationship with Rackspace Hosting (RAX), and Rackspace will now leverage several of the latest features found in Simpana 10.

CommVault Systems (CVLT), an enterprise backup and recovery software provider, has extended its relationship with Rackspace Hosting (RAX). Going forward, Rackspace will leverage several of the latest features found in the Simpana 10 platform.

The Rackspace Managed Backup service is powered by Simpana, which provides access and protection for edge data from multiple locations. Simpana provides a single platform for integrated data and information management. CommVault noted Simpana is designed to help lower operating costs, make data storage more efficient and reduce risk.

CommVault and Rackspace are working together to enhance Rackspace's services capabilities with the Simpana 10 platform. According to a press release, Simpana 10's flexibility allows Rackspace to help customers with their specific data backup needs.

"We work closely with our partners to quickly and effectively deliver new data and information management services that provide long-term strategic value both to ourselves and our service provider partners," Alan G. Bunte, CommVault's executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in a prepared statement. "Our relationship with Rackspace is a perfect example of how CommVault collaborates with a broad ecosystem of global providers to help more customers rapidly adopt modern data information management for improved costs and agility."

In addition, Tim Symchych, senior director of strategic sourcing at Rackspace, noted Simpana 10 will help his company scale with its customers and their business needs as they grow.

"We back up approximately 66 petabytes of customer data per month using Simpana software and CommVault has become a trusted advisor," Symchych said in a statement.

Organizations that join the CommVault Service Provider Program can accelerate time to revenue with Simpana software, CommVault claims. This program allows organizations to leverage Simpana software to offer data management solutions to their customers.

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